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SYN 169 S 24 Hour 10 Amp Electro Mechanical Time Controller

Controls electrical equipment up to 10A resistive. Easily set by the captive segment setting dial, the unit has a maximum of 48 ON & OFF programmes per day.

  • 10(2)A (2.3kW) loading.
  • 72 × 72mm plug-in base surface mount.
  • Captive segment dial.
  • Optional panel mount (clip included).
  • Synchronous motor driven.
  • Time display for ease of operation.
  • Manual override to next programme change and permanent ON/OFF.
  • 15 minute minimum switching interval which can be increased in 15 minute steps.
  • Tamper proof transparent cover.
  • Controls electrical appliances (resistive loads) up to 4.6kW.
  • 2 amp inductive rating.
  • Mounting Options: easily mounted in a 68mm square panel hole with the aid of mounting bracket AK305 supplied with product. They can also be mounted on DIN rail using adaptor 9070071.


Operating Voltage 230V AC
Standby Consumption <0.9W
Installation Type Front Panel Installation / Wall Installation
Setting Type Segment
Voltage Free Contacts Normally Open / Normally Closed (Changeover)
Switch Rating 230V AC Resistive 10A (2.3kW), Inductive 2A
Housing and Insulation Material High-temperature resistant, self-extinguishing thermoplastic
Operating Temperature -10°C to 55°C
Dimensions (mm) Height 104, Width 72, Depth 69
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