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Trade Time Controllers

TR 635 top2 24 Hour/7 Day/Random/Pulse 16A Electronic Timeswitch

Features 24 hour/7 day programme selections plus holiday suspension of programmes. Easy to use 4 button programming and 4 years memory back-up allows ultimate control. The unit stores its programmes in EEPROM for highest operational security.

  • 16(10)A digital timeswitch with weekly programme.
  • Text-oriented user guidance in display.
  • Preset date and time fully operable without mains connection.
  • 84 memory locations.
  • 10 year power reserve (lithium battery).
  • Pulse and cycle programme.
  • Switching preselection.
  • Permanent switching ON/OFF.
  • Holiday and random programme.
  • Interface for OBELISK top2 memory card(PC programming).
  • PIN coding.
  • Automatic summer/winter time changeover.
  • 72 × 72mm plug-in base surface mount.
  • DIN rail adaptor available – Part No. 907.0.071.
  • Mounting Options: E169S, E269H, TR 635 top2, TR 636 top2 & ELU56/ELU5620 timeswitches can be easily mounted in a 68mm square panel hole with the aid of mounting bracket AK305 supplied with product. They can also be mounted on DIN rail using adaptor 907-0-071.
  • Energy Saving 2015
  • Theben 3 Year Guarantee


Timer Mode 24 Hour/7 Day
Setting Type Digital
Voltage Free Contacts Changeover
Operating Voltage 230V AC
Switch Rating 230V AC Resistive 16A (3.68kW), Inductive 10A
Battery 1000 hours (Rechargeable) 10yr Lithium*
Operating Temperature -10 to 50ºC
EC Directives Conforms to Latest Directives
Dimensions (mm) Width 72, Height 104, Depth 69

Note: TR 635 top2 can be used with up to 400W of fluorescent lighting or 2300W of filament lighting or 9 × 7W or 7 × 11W or 7 × 15W or 7 × 20W or 7 × 23W of low energy lighting.

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