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Theben top3 and top2 DIN Rail Timeswitches

TR 622 top3 24 Hour/7 Day/Random 2 Channel (2 Module) 16A Digital Timeswitch

Shares all the features and benefits of the TR 611 top3 but is 2 channel with 84 memory locations that can be distributed over the 2 channels.

A 35mm (2 module) wide digital 24 hour/7 day 16A timeswitch with preset UK time and automatic summer/winter changeover

  • Text Oriented Programming.
  • Push-in spring terminals (accepting 2 conductors, solid or strand).
  • Obelisk top2 memory card interface enables programming via a PC for on-site downloading.
  • 84 memory locations.
  • Integral Lithium cell power reserve with 10 years life.
  • ON/OFF times may be repeated over a number of days without using extra memory locations.
  • Surface mount kit. Part No. 907-0-064.
  • Energy Saving 2015
  • LEDS up to 600W
  • Theben 3 Year Guarantee


Timer Mode 24 Hour/7 Day Pulse/Cycle
Setting Type Digital 2 Channel
Voltage Free Contacts 2 x C/O
Operating Voltage 230V AC
Power Reserve 10 Years
Switch Rating 230V AC Resistive 16A, Inductive 10A
Operating Temperature -30 to 55ºC
EC Directives Conforms to Latest Directives
Dimensions (mm) Width 35, Height 86, Depth 65.5

TR 610 top2, TR 611 top3, TR 612 top2, TR 622 top3, Selekta 170 top2 Selekta 172 top3 can switch up to 2300W of filament or 400W of fluorescent lighting or 9 × 7W or 7 × 11W or 7 × 15W or 7 × 20W or 7 × 23W of low energy lighting. Not suitable for discharge lighting except Selekta 170 top2 Selekta 172 top3 which can also switch up to 400W of discharge lighting. TR 608 top can switch up to 1000W filament lighting, 200W of fluorescent, or 7 × 7W or 6 × 11W or 5 × 15W or 5 × 20W or 5 × 23W of low energy lighting. Not suitable for discharge lighting.

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