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MLSA360NP Multiway Mounting PIR Light Controller

The Timeguard MLSA360NP PIR Light Controller is the perfect choice for those looking for a reliable and accurate lighting solution. With a 200° detection angle and 12 meters frontal detection coverage, this controller offers superior motion coverage and accuracy. It also features 360° Anti-creep detection with a reach of 5 meters at 2.5m mounting height, so you can be sure that your lighting needs are covered and your home or office is always well-lit, secure and well-protected.

What's more, the sensor head is adjustable by 90° horizontally and 30° downward, giving you the flexibility to customize your lighting setup. And with multiple mounting options - surface, ceiling or corner - it can be installed in a variety of locations.

  • 200° detection angle / 12 meters frontal detection coverage.
  • 360° Anti-creep detection Ø 5 meters at 2.5m mounting height.
  • Sensor head adjustable by 90° horizontally and 30° downward.
  • Multiple mounting options – surface, ceiling, inner and outer corner mounting.
  • Manual override function.
  • Easy installation with ‘Fast-fix Terminal Block’ connection.
  • Pulse function supports staircase timer operation.
  • IP55 Ingress protection rating.
  • Sensitivity adjustment for the detection area.
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