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Automatic Light Switches

ZV700B Digital Light Switch with Optional Dusk Start

The ZV700B combines the function of a manual light switch, with the option of automatic timed control of lighting on a weekly basis available at the press of a button. There is a further option of starting an automatic lighting period at dusk, but ending it with a timed off, and a random option, based around programmed times.

  • 6 different time periods (5 day plus 2 day or 7 day programming) displayed on an easy-view blue illuminated screen.
  • Four operating modes are available; 
  • Auto mode: The light output will be controlled by the programmed times. 
  • Photocell mode: The light output will only come on when the light level drops, if it is within a programmed times. 
  • Random mode: On a random basis, it can change the ON/OFF times programmed by up to 30 minutes earlier, or later than programmed. 
  • Manual mode: The light output is controlled by the Adv button, not the programmed times. 
  • Automatic summer/winter time changeover. 
  • Controls 40 – 400W of filament, 11 – 150W low energy (minimum bulb size 11W), 18 – 76W of fluorescent, 20 – 200W of low voltage and 20W LED lighting. 
  • Note: FLA01 strip light adaptor may be required in certain installations. 
  • Fits a standard flush or surface mount BS wall box min. 25mm deep. 
  • 2-wire no neutral required.
  • Energy Saving 2015
  • LEDS Up To 20W
  • 3 Year Guarantee


Switch Type Single/2 Way
Filament Load (Max.) 400W
Low Voltage Lighting 11 to 150W
Fluorescent & Low Energy Lighting 18 to 76W Fluorescent, 20 to 200W Low Energy, (Minimum bulb size 11W)
Stand-alone LED Rating 20W
Light Level Sensing Optional
Light ON Time Adjustable
Concealed Front Panel Yes
EC Directives Conforms to Latest Directives
Height (Open) 115mm
Dimensions (mm) Height (closed) 85, Width 85, Depth 36

Note: FLA01 strip light adaptor will allow operation with up to 85W of fluorescent or low energy lamps.

This product requires to be permanently charged which is achieved through the switched Live. As such, some LED and CFL lamps may glow or flash whilst this product is in the ‘OFF’ status. This glow/flash can be eliminated by adding the Timeguard ZV900 Automatic Switch Load Controller to the circuit.
The LED switching capabilities of this product can be increased up to 200W by the addition of the Timeguard ZV900 Automatic Switch Load Controller. The ZV900 is sold separately.

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