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In this review Kelly Vincent of Kelly Electrics puts Timeguard’s Wi-Fi Controlled Fused Spur (FSTWIFI) to good use.

Smart home devices have become increasingly popular in recent times and the market has suddenly become flooded with technology that saves us having to get up off the sofa to turn down the heating or allows us to turn off the lights from the comfort of our own beds. 

Timeguard’s Wi-Fi controlled fused spur taps into this desire for remote control, by offering Wi-Fi enabled control of all manner of electrical applications that are connected to the product.

Towel tales

I decided to use it to control a heated towel rail in my newly renovated bathroom.  The fused switch for the towel rail is located in my hallway, alongside an existing socket, and all I had to do was replace the existing fused spur with the Timeguard unit. This proved to be a simple task thanks to the straight forward installation process, and the fact that it’s very easy set up and pair the device with an iPhone.  

A free download then gave me instant access to be able to set up a programme of times that I wanted the towel rail to turn on/off, with a simple booster option for those occasions where I may need it on for an extra hour here and there.

The unit features a blue and red LED light that indicates when the device is on/off. This is very bright, which can be annoying during the day, but I do like the fact that it acts as a night light in the hallway when it’s dark. It’s also quite bulky when compared to my flat plate switches, so ideally would be more suited to a location where it’s hidden away, such as a cupboard.

Energy savings

That aside, I love the fact that I can control the towel rail from my phone, and also knowing that I’m saving energy when I’m not at home and don’t need it to be on. Obviously it offers control of a number of other electrical appliances in the home, so I’d highly recommend that you mention this great little gadget to your customers next time you’re quoting for a job.

This article first appeared in Wholesaler & Electrical Distributor, June 2018.

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