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Timeguard’s new outdoor LED floodlights can integrate with other Wi-Fi devices.

We’ve long argued that there’s a great opportunity for installers to fit affordable smart technology that is quality assured but doesn’t break the bank. There are millions of home owners out there who are quite comfortable with remote control of heating and doorbell cameras via their home router, and they are ready to add more smart devices. Enter more new products from Timeguard, which has been adding Wi-Fi control to its range for several years, starting by adding Wi-Fi control to its range of Fused Spur Timers that have been installed into tens of thousands of standard back boxes, replacing basic spurs since their introduction. 

A range of door chimes with high resolution cameras, interior wall switches and light controllers raised the bar on quality for home WiFi; and an in-line controller has enabled installers to offer App-based control of a huge range of existing appliances. Then the Timeguard range expanded to include more outdoor options. First came the Wi-Fi camera built into a new switch option for the LED Pro outdoor LED lights (floodlights can also be paired with photocell, RF or simple PIR switches as required). This was followed by an IP66 version of the in-line controller for outdoor use. 

The new year saw the launch of a standalone outdoor PIR controller, an easy way to add smart control for up to 250W of existing outdoor PIR lighting. Now, the spring brings a new level of sophistication and integration with Wi-Fi control of the latest version of Timeguard’s signature compact floodlights. Underlying the success of the Timeguard Wi-Fi strategy is the quality of both product and software. The reliability of Timeguard products is well-established, as is the speed with which it reacts to user changes. By focussing on what it does best – great product design and production management - and standardising on the global Tuya App for Wi-Fi control, Timeguard can be certain that its customers will always benefit from having a well-maintained and regularly-updated App and can use their preferred voice control (Google Home or Amazon Alexa).

Introducing the new Wi-Fi controlled twin floodlights.

We don’t think anyone has come close to the neatness of our compact floodlight designs, and adding Wi-Fi control was the next logical step for the range, which is especially popular for domestic and light commercial use. The specification is probably even better than you’d expect, with a large and adjustable 10m detection range, and independently pan- and tiltable heads to direct 2000 lumens of lighting from the 10W heads to just the right place. Installation is straightforward, with the unit clipping in once the backplate is fixed to the wall. We’ve even included a corner mounting bracket just in case. The instructions, included in the box and freely available online, explain App based adjustments such as brightness, lux level and on times clearly for both installers and end-users.

New features: lighting scenes, Hi-Lo control and integration

Every new product from our stable is designed to bring the latest features and benefits to your market. Headlining the new spec list for these floodlights is the ability to adjust the lighting ‘temperature’ between 3000k (a soft, warm white or yellowish light) and a full 6500K (bright, blue white light, similar to daylight). Users can use the smart phone App to set and adjust the lighting scene according to their personal taste and circumstance: for instance using the 6500k end of the scale for close work and dialling back to warmer ambience for an evening on the patio. We’ve also engineered the product to offer a Hi-Lo option, so that the lights can be left permanently on low and will automatically switch up to full power when there is presence and movement within the PIR field. Another feature that we think customers are going to love is indoor load activation, which enables these new floodlights also to trigger other Tuya controlled devices and lighting indoors and out for integrated control.

See the full Wi-Fi range here

This article was first seen in Electrical Wholesaler Magazine April 2023: https://www.ewnews.co.uk/

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