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Weathersafe Vision Outdoor Wiring

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Outdoor wiring accessories continue to be big business, whether for creating warm, well-lit areas outside bars and offices following the smoking ban or just enabling householders to use their gardening equipment, tools and other ‘toys’ safely and economically.

Weathersafe Vision from Timeguard gives you the edge in this growing marketplace with a range that makes sure users can always see whether or not the power is switched on – and all without compromising on safety. In addition, the new Weathersafe Vision range provides the ultimate in weather proofing, with units that will maintain their good looks and clear windows for years to come.

The new Weathersafe Vision range does just what its name suggests and gives users a clear view of the status of switched equipment in use outdoors. This is done through full-sized solid plastic windows that have been expertly manufactured to endure the harshness of the UK climate, meaning they will continue to remain practical for a long time.

This adds up to increased safety and economy, as the power supply is less likely to be left on when not needed if people can actually see what is going on. Bright red neons show whether or not a supply to a Weathersafe Vision socket is switched on, and users have a clear view of the status of integral RCDs.

The bigger picture

Where other ranges rely on smaller windows or flexible plastic coverings, the first thing you notice about Weathersafe Vision is the full size and clarity of their clear plastic windows combined with solid colour surround.

This new design is the end product of painstaking work by Timeguard’s design and engineering team who have created a design concept that, with the added benefit of Timeguard’s patented neoprene seals, ensures the weatherproof integrity to IP66, which means that they are both dust-proof and provide protection against strong water jets such as garden and power hoses. All in all, the design perfectly combines aesthetics with practicality.

Having mastered the challenge of creating full-size viewing windows, Timeguard moved onto the other details that make outdoor power safer and more economical for the end-user.

This was achieved by creating a range of singe and dual-gang sockets, with tough, impact-resistant housings, options for integral RCDs, multiple 20mm knock-outs, lids that can be shut to maintain weatherproofing when the socket(s) is in use and a facility to lock the lid with a padlock to prevent tampering.

In each case, Weathersafe Vision lets the user see what they need to know. Is the neon lit showing that the power is on? Has the RCD flag changed, showing it has tripped? In double-gang switches can you see if one socket is on and one off?

Aside from the obvious, there are a number of advantages to the Weathersafe Vision range, including:

Safety – Generally, the message to property owners should be that the requirements for running outside electrical installations – lights and power supplies – are strict. For a start, they should be fitted by a professional electrician.

An RCD (residual current device) should always be placed between indoor and outdoor electrical circuits, including the initial connection to an outdoor transformer used for a low-voltage system.

Naturally, sockets and spurs with integral RCDs, complete with test and reset buttons, are included in the new Weathersafe Vision range.

Economy – The easiest way to save power is to turn the product off – automatically where possible. That’s why the Weathersafe Vision range also includes a dual-gang box that combines a 13A socket with a 24-hour timer. Timeguard opted for a simple segment timer because it is easy to see the whole programme of up to 48 on/offs in a 24-hour period through the window. These units are ideal for controlling garden lighting.

The Weathersafe Vision range offer a range of extras while they also come with the peace-of-mind that they meet the highest standards, which Timeguard set time and again.

To find your nearest stockist of Timeguard products visit the website at or telephone the Timeguard team on 020 8452 1112.

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