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Southampton lights up old city walls

Southampton lights up old city walls

Southampton lights up old city walls – but only at night

Five historic arches in 600-year-old walls near Southampton waterfront will be ablaze in a sea of multi-coloured lights every night for at least the next two years. Computer controlled LED’s display more than 10,000 different colour combinations, installed by Hampshire based electrical contractors GES Digital, who specialise in smart control technology.

In the project, known as Halation, energy is saved by ensuring that the LED lights only turn on after dark, under the control of a Theben Solar Time Switch from Timeguard.

Once you select from the Solar Timers menu the required UK town or city the SEL170TOP can be left to calculate sunrise and sunset times automatically for years to come. Lights can be switched on at sunset and then either left on until sunrise or turned off at an earlier time chosen by the user, saving even more energy. The switching time can be off set by up to 120 minutes either side of sunset and sunrise, manual over-ride is also provided, as are holiday and weekend programming as well as PIN protection to prevent tampering. In Southampton the lights initially turned on at dusk and off again at 1am, but in the peak summer season they are being programmed to stay on longer. All this light control comes from one small, economic device.

Further information is available at or call Timeguard Limited on 020 8452 1112.

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