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First to market with new ideas

We are proud of our heritage as innovators – people who take the time to understand what our trade customers need and what will help their businesses.

Did you know?

  • Environmental awareness is in our DNA, we used to be known as Smiths Industries Environmental Controls Company.
  • We have always enjoyed the backing and support of multinational parent companies, and used to be part of global technology leader Smiths Industries and formally the Theben AG european group of companies.
  • We are now, part of Deta Electrical Co Ltd, and are proud to be integrated into their business, allowing for exciting new ventures for Timeguard to take hold of.
  • We maintain R&D and a small manufacturing presence in the UK and also share with our customers the cost benefits of Far Eastern overseas production where appropriate.
  • We were the first UK company to manufacture and launch a single gang RCD switched socket onto the market.
  • We made the very first Economy 7 meters – and continue to help people to benefit from off-peak prices with our latest generation of electronic Eco7 controllers.
  • In the 1980s, we pioneered electronic heating controllers with boost functions with our Centroller range of controls, fitted by all the leading boilers manufacturers.
  • We were first to market in the UK with affordable time control for domestic use, introducing the original plug-in controllers.
  • We introduced PIR lighting to the UK mass market, and continue to lead the way with superb energy-saving LED models.
  • We took outside power seriously, adding design edge and secure, safe enclosures that accommodate modern needs for so much more than a single socket.
  • We have always been on the installer’s side – and our combination of designs that make fitting easier and informative packaging keep us streets ahead of the competition.
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