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Welcome to the latest edition of Timeguard’s catalogue, full of high quality products across our core ranges of Time, Light, Safety and Climate control and packed full with lots of new ideas.

We continue to deliver the energy savings that owners and occupiers are looking for, combined with easy-installation that makes us an installers’ favourite and of course, high quality and reliability are always top of the list.

Plug & Play has been the overriding theme of our new products development. You’ve probably already noticed the many ways we make installation easier, but the revolutionary design of our LED Pro floodlights with interchangeable PIR and photo sensor units was a huge leap forward for the industry. The ability to add sensors and photocells and to loop cables out to slaves without any extra wiring has been a benefit to installers. The easy modular design also makes it easier – and less expensive – for wholesalers to keep a comprehensive stock and for installers to always have all the parts needed on the van.

On the pages that follow you’ll see how easy installation and Plug & Play feature in more and more of our products for the jobs you do every day. I’ve yet to meet an installer who loves fitting a ceiling light, but take a look at page 38 of our online catalogue, and you’ll see why you might be a lot happier at the prospect from now on.

The Wi-Fi and App culture has not passed us by and so, as ever, we’ve taken a unique and very practical slant on it. We don’t expect people to invest in expensive new Wi-Fi ready devices. Instead, we’ve built the Wi-Fi into our fused spurs, which now become remotely-controlled timed switches as well as essential safety devices. Simple – but ingenious wire-for-wire replacements for millions of fused spurs out there. Above all, it keeps the installer in the equation!

We work hard on the content to give you all the essential information you need in one place and at a glance. If there’s anything you think we can do to make it even better next year, please let us know.

So, please take a look through our new catalogue to find lots of new ways to grow your business and make energy savings an everyday event. From our side, we look forward to continuing our successful co-operation with you in the years to come.

Andy Douglas
Managing Director

Contractor Installer

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