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Automatic Light Switches

ZV810 Motion Sensor PIR Light Switch

Detects PIR body heat motion and automatically switches the light ON, turning it OFF again after a time adjustable from 6 seconds to 12 minutes.

  • AUTO/ON/OFF selections.
  • 180º detection area with adjustable 8m detection range.
  • Light ON times adjustable from 6 seconds to 12 minutes.
  • Fully adjustable light level control.
  • Can also be used as a normal ON/OFF or 2 way switch.
  • Suitable for lamp loads: 40 – 500W incandescent, 40 – 150W low voltage halogen, 18 – 150W fluorescent with electronic ballast, 15 – 150W electronic PL lamp (Philips or Osram only).
  • Energy Saving 2015
  • 3 Year Guarantee


Switch Type Single/2 Way
Max Filament Lamp Load 40W Min up to Max 500W
Low Voltage Lighting 40 to 150W
Fluorescent & Low Energy Lighting 18 to 150W Fluorescent, 15 to 150W Low Energy (Philips or Osram only)
Light Level Sensing Yes
Light ON Time Adjustable Yes
Concealed Front Panel Yes
EC Directives Conforms to Latest Directives
Dimensions (mm) Height (Open) 135, Height (Closed) 86, Width 86, Depth 38

Not suitable for discharge lighting (e.g. SON and Metal Halide) and LED lights.

Cannot be used with dimmer or other electronic switches in two way switching systems or replace an intermediate switch in three or more way switching systems.
*Additional work may be necessary in pendant locations.

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