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RAM 712 Individual Room Thermostat

Individual room thermostat without rotary control for controlling heating actuators or motorised actuators. Alternative flush mounting with floor temperature sensor.
RAM 712 KNX is an individual room controller for wall installation with integrated bus coupler. If necessary, the temperature sensor with the electronic component can be removed from the housing and, for example, installed in flush-mounted sockets with back-ventilated cover. An external sensor can be connected to the controller for floor temperature monitoring.

  • The RAM 712 can be used as a continuous or two point control (can also be combined)
    Continuous PI control can be configured for: 2 stage heating (basic and additional stage, e.g. underfloor heating and radiators) or for heating and cooling (radiators and cooling surfaces)
  • Objects for night operation (only with “old”
    operating mode selection) presence, window/frost
  • Status LED (red) shows the user which functions are being carried out by the controller (LED only for heating)
  • Possible LED function configurations:
    – always off
    – on when heating
    – always on
  • With 2 binary inputs, can be reconfigured to outputs for connecting LED (with communication object) display of ON/OFF
  • Free allocation of functions: Switch/key, dimming, blinds, valuator, counter, LED control
  • Measurable temperature range –20 °C …+60 °C
  • 2 Year Guarantee (from date of manufacture)


Operating voltage Bus voltage
Permitted operating temperature –5 °C … + 45 °C
Power supply <10 mA
Bus connection KNX bus terminal
Sensor connection Terminal screws
Output with LED configuration Low current 1 mA (LED 1 mA types)
Behaviour on restoration of bus power Adjustable
Max. interface extension 5 m
Protection class II
Protection rating IP 20
Dimensions 74 × 74 × 28 mm

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